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Write a Plugin

Example Plugin
This example plugin serves as a tutorial example for the ASPiK SDK. You can find many more plugin projects that are fully specified, and explained in high detail, including the background DSP theory, in Designing Audio Effects Plugins in C++ 2nd Ed. by Will Pirkle. For this example, we will create a simple plugin that uses each type of plugin parameter (and linked GUI control). For the plugin example, we'll just show the process without diving deep into the ASPiK framework API - for some this is the best way to learn. But eventually you will likely need to get into the details of the API to suit your plugin customizations.

To begin use the ASPiK Tool-Kit's ASPiK Project Creator tool to setup a new project. You can name it however you wish; the plugin is a simple volume with mute and channel selector. When the project is set up, and the Visual Studio or XCode compiler has been started with the new project loaded, then you may begin this tutorial.