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ProcessBlockInfo Struct Reference

Structure for setting up block processing. More...

#include <pluginstructures.h>

Public Member Functions

void pushMidiEvent (midiEvent event)
void clearMidiEvents ()
uint32_t getMidiEventCount ()
midiEventgetMidiEvent (uint32_t index)

Public Attributes

float ** inputs = nullptr
 audio input buffers
float ** outputs = nullptr
 audio output buffers
float ** auxInputs = nullptr
 aux (sidechain) input buffers
float ** auxOutputs = nullptr
 aux outputs - for future use
uint32_t numAudioInChannels = 0
 audio input channel count
uint32_t numAudioOutChannels = 0
 audio input channel count
uint32_t numAuxAudioInChannels = 0
 audio input channel count
uint32_t numAuxAudioOutChannels = 0
 audio input channel count
uint32_t currentBlock = 0
 index of this block
uint32_t blockSize = 64
 size of this block
uint32_t blockStartIndex = 0
uint32_t blockEndIndex = 0
double absoluteBufferTime_Sec = 0.0
 the time in seconds of the sample index at top of buffer
double BPM = 0.0
 beats per minute, aka "tempo"
double timeSigNumerator = 0.0
 time signature numerator
uint32_t timeSigDenomintor = 0
 time signature denominator

Protected Attributes

std::vector< midiEventmidiEventList

Detailed Description

Structure for setting up block processing.

  • this generic version is NOT for SynthLab projects; see the SynthLab RAFX projects for that paradigm
  • NOTE: SynthLab is not part of ASPiK nor RackAFX and is API-independent
  • includes a vector of MIDI event structures that are parsed from the ASPiK host (or RackAFX) via IMidiEventQueue
Will Pirkle
This object is not included in SynthLab(TM); see the SynthLab_SDK for that specific block processing paradigm
Revision : 1.0
Date : 2021 / 06 / 30

Member Function Documentation

◆ pushMidiEvent()

void ProcessBlockInfo::pushMidiEvent ( midiEvent  event)

MIDI events and functions

Member Data Documentation

◆ absoluteBufferTime_Sec

double ProcessBlockInfo::absoluteBufferTime_Sec = 0.0

the time in seconds of the sample index at top of buffer

Aux information from the DAW

◆ midiEventList

std::vector<midiEvent> ProcessBlockInfo::midiEventList


set of MIDI events for this audio processing block

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