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AU Dev Notes

Supported OS & Compiler
 OS: 10.11 and higher
 Compilers: Xcode 7 and higher

Finding your Plugin
Open the compiler project for your newly generated project. You can now re-build the solution to complete the ASPiK project. Your finished plugin will be located in the following sub-folder:

AU_SDK/myprojects/(project name)/mac_build/AU/(config)

where (config) is either Debug or Release, depending on how you built the project.

For AU, your plugin is AUTOMATICALLY copied to the proper location in your MacOS device:


Validating your Plugin
Finally, Run auval from Terminal to validate your plugin prior to use. The ASPiK projects will pass validation by default, however your customizations could create issues, especially if you are still new to plugin development. If your plugin fails validation, it will be black-listed in Apple Logic and perhaps other clients as well so you should correct any errors before testing.