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Example Projects

Example Projects
The ASPiK SDK comes with several sample projects to get you started, one each that demonstrates ASPiK's plugin targeting capabilities. These projects are located in the /samples subfolder of the SDK.

This folder contains the sample audio FX plugins.
This is a simple volume-in-dB plugin that demonstrates all the basics of processing audio and handling GUI control changes. If you can understand how this plugin works, then you are well on your way to understanding ASPiK.

This folder contains the sample audio synth (instrument) plugins.
This is a simple monphonic sawtooth generator synth which responds to MIDI note on, note off, pitch and velocity messages as well as handling the GUI control change information. This project demonstrates how the MIDI event firing system may be used for sample accurate MIDI messaging in the processAudioFrame( ) function.

This folder contains the sample custom view plugins that demonstrate the custom views and/or subcontroller paradigms in VSTGUI4. One of them requires installation of FFTW (see the book or website for help on that).
This plugin shows the time domain audio hystogram along with a FFT of the left channel all moving in realtime with the audio. The FFTW library takes care of blazing fast FFTs which are being run on the GUI thread and do not interfere with the audio signal processing. This example also demonstrates the custom view and subcontroller programming.
Without FFTW
This plugin is identical to the version with the FFT, except that it shows two audio histogram and no FFT. It also demonstrates the custom view and subcontroller programming.